Think your data is lost forever? Think again.

The most common reaction to data loss is fear. Fear that it may be gone forever. With business projects, timeless family pictures and critical customer databases at stake, it's understandable. But it can also be recoverable. From accidentally deleted files to clicking and grinding hard drives, our engineers and technicians have seen it and recovered it all.

Total Access, Total Commitment

Facing data loss can be a scary prospect. At Total Access Data Recovery, our staff is always ready and willing to answer any questions you have. We know how stressful it can be. Don't beat yourself up wondering what it would have been like if you'd just been able to back up the data. We won't rest until we've done everything possible to get your data back to you as quickly and safely as possible. We have many different levels of service designed to meet your individual needs. Our ultra modern, state of the industry data recovery labs are full of highly skilled technicians and engineers who work around the clock to meet your deadlines. That's our total commitment to you.

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Emergency Services

When there are circumstances in which waiting an extra day simply isn't an option, Total Access Data Recovery offers expedited service levels, including emergency service using same day couriers. Call us today and we'll make all the arrangements.

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We Handle Natural Disasters, Naturally

When seasons change, it brings about many different unexpected problems and situations. When lightning strikes and takes your data with it, we're here to help. When your computers are submerged for three days under twenty feet of water in a flood, we're the ones to call. Even if your server room had a fire and melted your server or had a laptop power supply catch fire and do serious damage. Total Access Data Recovery is an expert when it comes to fire, water and electrical damage.

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Our Clients

Some of our clients include: